Here at YOGACITYTM Indonesia, we ensure our members receive helpful, personal attention from our Yogis. Our sensibly selected yoga teachers are a mix of internationally sought after teachers and high proficient fresh Indonesian teachers. Some of our Yogis have been practicing Yoga for over 20 years, learning from Yoga Masters in India – the origin of Yoga.

All yoga teachers in YOGACITYTM are trained, certified and have a high compassion in what they teach. This is very important in our yoga classes because we believe though the teacher might know the perfect alignment of each asana he teaches, there is no such thing as one perfect alignment of a pose. There is a perfect alignment of a pose for a certain body at a certain time. Each body is different and each situation is different. Therefore our yoga teachers will walk around in the class to allows them to not only give the instructions, but also to observe the members and respond to their needs. It gives a whole different dimension to the class and also creates a strong band and feeling of trust between Yogi and You.

YOGACITYTM designs a customized personal wellness program to suit your needs. Our friendly and caring Yogi will guide you through your practice and offer adjustments and modifications for all levels of experience. Our stylish, sanctuary yet modern private studio allows our members to engage with our yoga experts one-on-one and receive curated sessions. Contact us to discuss a solution to your personal yoga requirements.